Obedience !
Obedience is the foundation for all dog training, from basic manners, to Obedience Trial Champions !  An untrained dog is not welcome anywhere, but a trained dog is a great companion !
The Salina Kennel Club holds three sessions of puppy and basic obedience classes per year, in January, June and September. All classes are taught by volunteers who love dogs !
Puppy Class: This class is for puppies from 8 weeks to about 4-5 months old. We will cover housebreaking, manners, socialization, sit, down, come, and walking on lead. We also include some grooming, toenail trimming, and discuss appropriate chew toys and many other subjects for the new puppy and their owner.
Adult Class: This class is for the older puppy, or adult dog. We will work on sit, down, come, walking on a lead, turns, stays, and other doggy manners.
If your dog is overly aggressive, we suggest you contact an animal behaviorist, or a trainer who specializes in aggressive dogs. Contact Kat Farres for names.
Salina Kennel Club members compete in AKC, UKC and ASCA obedience trials.
2002 saw our first UDX dog, owned and trained by Kay Thayer, Kay's Ritzy Rascal UDX, also known as Ritz. He is a Shetland Sheepdog. Congrats to Kay, who worked really hard for this title, and to Ritz, who probably thought he was training KAY !
2003 AKC titles:
The Wheatland Cluster Dog Shows were very generous to the Salina Kennel Club members!
New Companion Dogs (CD) are:
Zoey Von Jermome , "Zoey" GSD out of the Novice A class owner Cathy Hayes & Angela Leadabrand
Ch Blaze N Cassidy "Blaze" Border Collie, also winning the SHINER AWARD, out of the Novice B class, owner Tammy Wittman
Boncoeur's La Vasquienne "Jainy" Belgian Tervuren out of the Novice A class owner Terri Kraft
U-AG II Int Ch/AKC Ch Zerimar's Blizzard of OZ HIC "Kyp" out of the Novice B class owner Kat Farres and Jeanne Durbian Ramirez DVM
FInishing her CD at the Lawrence trial, was Boston Terrier "Paisley" owned and trained by Jill Phelps.

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